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Meerkats 3D

Meerkats 3D (2011)
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Duration: 60 minutes TV and 40 minutes Giant Screen

Broadcaster: Sky 3D/National Geographic

Producers: Caroline Hawkins, Phil Streather (3D Producer)

Distribution: TV - National Geographic

Distribution: Giant Screen - National Geographic Cinema Ventures

Credit: Oxford Scientific Films in association with Principal Large Format
Filmed entirely on location in the Kalahari desert, Meerkats 3D tells the engaging story of one family of meerkats over the course of a year. As they defend their new-born pups from predators and their territory from rival gangs we learn that close bonds and co-operation are the key to survival in meerkat life and that for them… family is everything.

Meerkats 3D was one of Sky’s first commissions for their 3D TV channel.
cinema trailer for Meerkats 3D

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